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Summer Rates

Monday – Friday $200 for One Jet Ski $300 for Two Jet Skis Saturday & Sunday $200 for One Jet Ski $300 for Two Jet Skis
Multi-Day Specials Available, Call Now for Details!
Prices Subject to Change Without Notice. Tax and Fees not included.


Jet Action Rentals introduces the VX-C Waverunner rental watercraft for the 2021 season. This year’s watercraft is similar to the watercraft we have been using for the last twelve years. This year’s watercraft has the latest and greatest technology of the 2021 season.

  • 110 HP 1100cc 3 cylinder 4-stroke fuel injected power plant.
  • Capable of reaching speeds up to 60 MPH.
  • Rider capacity 1 to 3 persons.
  • A fuel capacity of 16-18 gallons = almost 1 full day of run time.
  • Storage capacity of 19 gallons = lots of room for stuff.
  • Off throttle steering for control in panic situations.
  • Multifunction control panel.
  • Extended rear boarding platform for easy boarding.
  • Towing capabilities (extra charge for tow hook applies).
  • Incredibly stable (almost impossible to roll over).